Our Thanks!

As a non-profit organization, the Atlanta Wind Symphony depends on contributions from businesses and individuals within the surrounding communities to offset its considerable expenses.  In addition to grants from the Fulton County Arts Council and numerous individual donations, the AWS has benefited from the generosity of the following organizations and individuals.

Encore Annual contribution of $1000 or more
J. Franklin Burns, PC
John Parsons

Ovation Annual contribution of $500 to $999
Laurie & Steve Anderson
Michael and Ann Jahl
Rick and Judy Smith

Concerto Annual contribution of $250 to $499
William Allgood
Allison Gooch
Robert and Jeanine Krenz
John Lenahan
Sayward and Stephanie Mazur
Lisa Herndon Wilson
University Yacht Club
John Zimmerman, Jr.

Cadenza Annual contribution of $100 to $249
Greg Barrett
Viki Breeland
Ed Connell III
Edwin and Judy Connell
Laurie Corbin
Ralph Cromer
Larry and Joanne Gareau
Les and Ann Hammond
Merle Knotts
Christine and Edward Kujawski
Jeanne Lappin
Debbie Mecher
Vicki Smith
Ray Thompson
Cliff and Gina Towner
Matt Verbiscer

Etude Annual contribution of $50 to $99
Warren Abrahams
Lanny Gilbert
Terry and Jean Hensel
Chick Herman
Erica and Matthew Hruby
Christopher and Jordan Keegan
David Lamm
Deborah Lance
Thomas Lennon
Alan Lentz
Howard Levine
Joanne Mazur
Beat von Muehlenen
Jimmy Mullis
Tom Rocca
Beth Sasso
David and Kay Ann Schwenk
Sue Stenstrom
Robert & Elinor Tollman
John Williams
Tom Zehr